10 Simple Ways to Boost your Online Sales

23 May 2017 | By Jish

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On the internet, you cannot assume right which strategy would bring you more sales or results. So there is only one single solution, try on everything until you know the best strategy that works. Just as in the case of a website, you have plenty of options to promote it either through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation, PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising), Social media, e-mails etc… The bottom-line of every strategy you may use should be focused on selling your business in a way that is not pushy.

Here are some of the bestselling strategies you could try out on the go.

               1. Offering Single Product or Fewer Products on the Home Page:

If your homepage displays too many products or offers, try out focusing on fewer or single product. Instead of many products with little details, the focus on fewer products with more copy would do. In this way, you can more clearly communicate with your customers the key benefits, and the queries they might have.

While you go ahead with a few, don’t do away with other products. Offer other products from a different web page or web pages or through a follow-up offer. The only way to find out if this strategy working with your target audience is to test it.

For example, make opt-in sales offer on the homepage and test run it for two or three weeks to check whether it is making any improvement in sales.

            2. Grow the list of Loyal Customers by Re-positioning the Offer:

The opt-in offer is your tool to gather the essential details of your customers and subscribers. This will help you to stay in touch with them and to sell your products and services directly. But, all these matters on how and where you place your offer.

If you aren’t making a long sales offer, the top left side of your homepage is an attention-grabbing spot to place the opt-in offer. This will give your offer the enough attention it deserves before any visitor scrolling down the page.

While a long sales offer could be followed in the second page once your customers’ attention is grabbed by your credentials, experience and testimonials from happy customers.

You may also try placing your opt-in offer with a sign-in on every page as in like a pop-up so that your customer strikes them every time. The more sign-up opportunities you provide the more subscribers you get.

3. Making an Impact with Hover Ads:

Hover ads are like pop-up ads but are not really pop-ups. Hover ads are effective because they put important information right in front of your targeted visitors. Hover ads can be used as a medium to place your opt-in offer and you can test to see if that boosts your subscription numbers. You can also make a comparison of how many clicks you get through a hover ad vs. through a normal link on your home page.

4. Give a feature-rich Headline:

The headline of your offer is the first thing a visitor reads or notices. It should have sufficient attention grabbing features for the visitor to read the rest of the copy.

A successful headline should always have a problem that a visitor is going through and stress the main benefit your product or service can offer in resolving this issue.

The first paragraph followed by the headline should give a detailed Explanation of the problem. This shows the customer that you care for them and feels a sense of trust.

Once you feel that you have done it, start introducing your product or service which is a solution to this problem. You will see a boost in your sales if you succeed in it.

                     5. Establish Credibility to your Offer:

There are several ways to add credibility to what you offer. But people tend to rely more on reviews from other similar folks. Instead of you saying that your products are awesome, it better to combat it with real-life situations. So, including feedbacks from a customer who have previously used your products or services will help them make better decisions.

Also, don’t forget to include a section in your copy to outline your credentials, experience and other credible details which will make you look qualified to effectively carry out any responsibilities that your visitors/customers may have.

                6. Focus on Customers not you:

When you make a sales offer, change the focus of stressing more on you. Give your visitors/customers a sense of feeling that the offer is made for them. To establish this sense of feeling you can use references such as “YOU, and YOUR”, instead of I, OUR and WE etc.

               7. Create a sense of Urgency:

If your sales copy can create a sense of urgency in the visitor such as a limited period offer, you tend to attract more subscribers.

For Example, “the sale ends tomorrow (or a specific date)" or "Enjoy 50% discount on your movie tickets valid through (date)" etc.

To achieve this you can try including urgency creating copies through ways such as:

  •           Offering limited quantity bonus
  •           Giving offers only for a limited quantity of your products or services
  •           Offer a limited-time price discount for customers to buy within certain date in order to qualify for the discount.
  •           Offer free additional bonuses if visitors buy within a certain time frame.

           8. Add product images to invoke a sense of desire:

Instead of plain texts or copy, real images of your products put your visitors in a chance for the test to buy it. "Seeing is believing" so, try to place images on top of the page or see placing them below near to call to action or on the order page. Carefully analyse the difference with each trial and finally stick on to one which produces the best results.

           9. Format the copy for Scanners:

Most visitors will not read every word of your sales offer. They just scan it from start to finish. If your copy cannot catch their attention while they scan, you are going to lose them from becoming your customers. So try highlighting the key benefits that will grab the attention of people who scan rather than read. Test check after changing and including formatting styles such as:

  • Using bold, italics and highlighting points to emphasise the most important benefits of your offer
  • Avoid block of uniformly formatted texts and the “justified” option.
  • Adding sub-headlines compel your visitors to read the paragraphs that follow
  • Centralise important texts to draw them out of the whole body of text.
  • Use bullet lists (like this one) to emphasise key points

         10.    Fine-tune the Follow-up process:

Following up with existing customers is just as important as selling a product. In fact, tests show that 30% of customers will buy again if they're given the chance. You can generate more sales through a follow-up process with your customers and subscribers using auto-response e-mails. This will take several contacts before anyone buy from your site. It can help in attracting more repeat business.

An immediate follow-up after new subscribers sign up will increase their chance to return to your site the same day they subscribe. It helps you develop profitable, long-term relationships with them and allows you to offer "backend" products relating to their original purchase.

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