3 Web Designing Mistakes that Small Business Website Owners should Avoid

04 Feb 2014 | By James

Topics: 3 Web Designing Mistakes

You have been a website owner for your small business unit for some time now. Are you aware of the current trends in web designing? In the last two years, the web has become more powerful like never before. More and more web designing experts are using a variety of images to attract their potential online customers into the websites developed by them. This phenomenal change has lead to web pages becoming heavier from 1.28 MB to 1.7 MB. The time is ripe to create wonderful attractive web designs using updated technology like CSS3 and HTML5 support with fast speed of the internet. You should as an owner of a website for your small company understand that your website is an integral part of your branding and marketing tool.  You have to attract your online targeted customers and sell your company’s product. If you are not aware of this simple concept then you are making a few mistakes which most small business website owners make and this affects their online business in a big way.

Do you know your targeted customer segment?

Most small business website owners in their haste to develop a website and publish it on the internet, forget to do their basic homework related to their customers. Every website has its own targeted customers which may or may not be your customer segment. Thus before you undertake your website development, you have to spend some time to understand your customer segment and analyse your competition’s website too. Once this basic data has been researched, you can then seek the help of web designers from North London and they would help you with specific designs that would attract your targeted online customers. These small fine nuances would also help you to create a good online traffic into your website.

Helping your online customers with their buying decision process

Have you ever analysed minutely whether your website clearly outlines the next course of actions that your online visitors should undertake, once they have logged into your website? You as an owner of your website have to decide that what you want your online website visitors to do like contacting your customer cell to buy your products, subscribe to your weekly emails or use the search button to search and shop for their chosen product. You just have a few precious seconds to impress them and if your website design is not doing that, you should be geared to handle trouble in your website paradise. Thus it is essential here that you use the advice of a website designing company and help your online customers with their online business decision process and tell them what specific actions they need to undertake when they log into your website.

Be aware of the rates that you are paying for your web designs

Since you are new to online business, there are high chances that you are not much aware of the various rates related to website designing. It would be a very good idea to speak to a few professional web designing companies who understand your objectives and then choose one that is most suitable for your small company’s budget. You should ensure that you receive quality website designs supported by value-added services from your chosen professional website development company.

Once you avoid making these simple mistakes that most small company website owners make, there is great online success waiting for you in your online business segment. It is essential that you understand the power of your website to attract your online customers and do the right things for it to enjoy great online growth in no time.

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