22 Jul 2015 | By Ann

Topics: Website Designing Mistakes

A website is a medium through which viewers can access your information or purchase your products over the internet. Website design is one of the most vital things that you need to consider if you want to develop a website. Quality design helps to improve the credibility, communication and conversion of a website. It’s vision into the quality of your products and how easy their experience will be.

5 Common Website Design Mistakes

1. People don’t know what you do
If people don’t know exactly what you do within 5 seconds, you lost them. You don’t need to have each detail explained on impact; however, you must be sure users catch the general idea. Thus content is an important factor.

2. You are not capturing customers
Driving traffic is the first step and capturing leads and getting them to return is the second step of the marketing equation. Companies must begin placing the appropriate captures on their site. Social media buttons are one of the best ways to capture user’s attention.

3. You forgot a starting point
Building a business often needs users to follow a trail of small steps before them turning into a customer. Marketers call this funnelling. Without a beginning point on your website, you’re likely letting qualified leads to slip through the cracks.

4. You hide the contact information
If you’re a product or service company with large numbers of users, customer support should be front and centre. Don’t forget to include your company address, phone numbers on the contact page.

If your business is trying to keep customers, then start putting your contact number everywhere on the website. Sure, you will get marketers spamming you, sure you will get calls that could have easily been solved through email, but your customers will be happy. And that’s all that matters.

5. Your fonts don’t read like a book
We all know, we use the increase font size function on your iPhone. But this function shouldn’t need for your website. Reading a website should read like a book. The spacing between letters, line spacing, colour and size of the fonts will build a dramatic difference in drawing customers into your content.

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