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The Google Panda and the Google Penguin updates revolutionised the existing Search Engine Optimisation techniques and the way websites could be optimised to enjoy enhanced visibility in the online world. Google Panda update changed the search ranking algorithm of Google and stopped low-quality websites from being placed in the top website search engine results and helped good quality websites enjoy more visibility. Google Penguin update, on the other hand, undertook to penalise websites, which did not follow basic Webmaster Guidelines from Google and over optimised their website with paid links and keyword stuffing. Being the owner of a few websites, you visited the experts at web design London Company in order to incorporate the necessary changes in your website. The experts at web designing company in London helped you to understand, that despite all these major changes, your websites would enjoy great optimisation features if it followed the basic golden rules suggested by them. These are:

1. Your website should have a simple hierarchy

The SEO experts at web designing company in London maintain that a website should enjoy clear and simple hierarchy. Each web page in your website should have minimum one text link and this would help the search engine to access it easily.

2. Your online visitor should enjoy easy navigation in your website

When an online visitor visits your websites it should be able to navigate easily through your website and find the information that it is looking for. The more quickly they find the information, the better experience they would have and they would recommend your website to others and come back themselves for a few more times. This simple method helps you to enjoy good online traffic on a regular basis.

3. The importance of a sitemap in your website

Online visitors have very little time in hand. A sitemap in your website would help them to find the accurate information that they are looking for and access it immediately. They would also appreciate the fact, that you understand the importance of their time and try to incorporate sitemap feature on your website, in order to provide them with enhanced surfing experience. Search engines would also be able to locate your website faster.

4. Using unique titles in your web page

When you use unique titles in your web pages, the online visitor would be attracted towards it and take a few minutes to read the Meta tag description. This also helps the search engine to recognise the content of your website and place it in the top website search engine list.

5. Use image description in your website efficiently

A picture can say thousands of things to an online visitor. But these images have to be used accurately by using the ALT attribute. The ALT attribute when used in an image, helps to optimise the image and the search engine can access it as an alternative text. If your website is using a few images for decoration purpose, then you can use an empty ALT.

Besides these basic golden rules, the experts at web designing company in London maintain that your online content should be of high quality and you should use the tools of social media to promote your websites. When these basic guidelines are adopted in a website, you would enjoy great online success and greater online visibility on the internet, in no time.

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