06 Oct 2015 | By James

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Attractive content content writing for social media campaign or website is the best way to get your employees engaged. Automated content creation tools are short cut to make creative contents that can help in Digital Marketing Methods too. But nowadays different kinds of content writing tools are available to help the writers edit, proof read and produce effective contents that are worthy and capable of making results.

Here I would like to present to you 5 interesting tools which really helps you in creating compelling contents. I’m taking only 5 tools which I found very useful for me but there are several more. For those who are unaware of these tools, I believe that this article would be really helpful. There are tools for generating ideas, writing spaces, grammar checks, style guides, making sharable contents and readability tests to enhance the writing skills of any content writer.

Tools For Content Writing
Google Docs: Google docs help everyone to create, access and edit documents from anywhere and everywhere at any time using your phone, computer or laptop. It can be considered as the ideal tool for collaboration. It allows real-time editing which means when you edit, the people who shares the same document can see it and vice versa. You can chat and post comments within the loop of documents. The fun fact is that it comes free of cost.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator: You just need to enter three nouns and HubSpot will come up with different ideas within seconds. This helps the writers who are in search of a new catchy title or topic to develop on.

Zen Pen: It helps in simple and clean writing experience which keeps any writer free of distraction to sit, focus and write on a topic chosen. Zen pen is an open-source project.

Grammarly: It is considered to be an online grammar and spell checking application. It can easily find the mistakes even more than 250 numbers. Even plagiarism can be detected and rectified by using Grammarly.

Byword: This writing app is keenly designed for those who use Apple products. This works only on iOS where you can write contents with less friction. You can easily upload the articles to WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr very easily.

Mistakes while writing can occur to anyone. As they imagine and put those thoughts into word there are chances that many words get misplaced or the grammatical errors occur. So assistance is always advisable. I hope all these tools would be really helpful for those who are trying hard to polish a better career in writing.

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