7 Web Design Trends in 2017

09 Jan 2017 | By Jisha

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The much awaited New Year 2017 has arrived. Being an ardent fan of stunning web designs that offer a unique look, I looked with hope and eagerness to know what trends going to change the web design scenario this year. As usual, there were a few people to come up with their predictions and beliefs on “what is going to change the Web Design trends in 2017”?!

Assuming on what is being justified as the web design trends of 2017, and what would continue to be the same as in 2016 will remain as it is and should be watched with speculation. One who is familiar or has been in the web design industry for some time will know what may take place in the coming days.

Furthermore, one can not exactly predict what will happen since the web is a unique environment that is constantly changing and evolving. With this in mind, here I have some points on what can be believed as some of the most important trends to look forward in the next 11 months.

· Focus on Content

The year 2017 is predictably giving more importance to content. This means removing all the other distractions such as headers, footers, sidebars, ads on banners and sidebars, pop-ups, calls to action, comments, social media buttons, signup boxes, etc. All these things seem to clutter inside our websites which in reality is taking the attention away from the entire point of a web page: the content. Although it took years of hard work, it is time again to get back to the heart of a website— the content!

· Imaginative Designs

If you look through some of the websites, you may notice the basic design style is common to all. It doesn’t differentiate anyone in terms of creativity and style. Most of the websites have followed a flat design style which emphasises on the minimum use of stylistic elements that is focused on a minimalist use of simple elements, typography and flat colours. To avoid the similarity, there needs to put an end to flat design styles by following an imaginative pattern.

· Creative Headings

There is going to be a change in the way we used to design headings for websites. The basic heading styles followed by websites such as all caps, centred, justification, san serif etc…may change to follow a more creative style. So thinking to change the usual pattern is more like going to the creative side. It is a more welcomed way to be unique in your design. A design is something that needs to be creative and appealing, so it is expected that designers will start digging to bring out unique style to the headings in a website.

· Duotone Imagery

In the pursuit of staying more on brand, some websites have started to experiment with duotones (two colours), three or even more colours on images and graphics for their websites. Duotone imagery that combines a couple of other colours has proven to be a nice update to the old and tired gradients and solid colour areas.

· Simplified Navigation

Websites need to be updated when trends change. Only then one can keep pace with others in the competition. It was learnt long back that people cannot be enticed with the fancied image sliders that came standard at the top of every website homepage. It failed to keep users attention. Unique ways in layout to bring multiple sets of content at the top of the homepage is to be tried and tested.

· Mobile First Approach to Design

As web environment is constantly evolving, the mobile-first design approach is gaining priority than working for the bigger ones first. This approach isn’t new since it has been around for few years since mobile phones were used as a primary device for browsing the web.  

Since mobile browsing is gaining popularity with most people having a smartphone, more companies are realising the importance of having a site that effectively delivers content on a smaller screen, and so are rushing to get along with others.

Considering the mobile-first model, brands are rethinking about a strategy that equally fits both small and large screens in terms of content, design and user-friendliness. This strictly includes what to communicate and what not to since the smaller screens limit the content a user can easily view at once.

· Emphasis on landing page Designs

Nowadays,  it is seen that the design is more focused onto a landing page where the user will have all the necessary information to accept or reject a service or offer.  While every website needs a home page, as content marketing is gaining more importance, the marketers will want to direct traffic to dedicated landing pages to better target their visitors and their needs. These pages will be as well designed and thought out as others on the site but target the visitor much more.


2017 is sure to see some of the great website design trends. These design trends have the likelihood of changing the appearance of some of the best websites and designs trends that are already part of the change and changes that are yet to come.

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