25 May 2016 | By Roys

Topics: Basic SEO

You have just set up a website for your new business, but you do not know much about promoting it. You consult a marketing expert and he tells you that you should get someone to do SEO for your site. You just know SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

Now, do you know what a search engine optimised website is and, how can SEO tools make a noticeable difference in your website traffic? 

The internet is flooded with half-baked ideas on the best approaches to SEO. It makes up a complete bundle of misinformation about applying SEO techniques. Do not be overwhelmed. This article will give you the essential knowledge about SEO so that you know what to expect if you are about to invest in it.

Being Patient

The first thing about SEO is to have some patience. It is a continuous, time-consuming process and whoever guarantees you instant SEO results is definitely a crook. You cannot expect instant results with any SEO strategy and there are no shortcuts to quickly gaining immediate recognition of your site by search engines. You will have to patiently wait for weeks, sometimes even months, before you can witness noticeable results of SEO. This is because search engines scrutinise and rank websites based on certain algorithms which are updated now and then. 

At present, websites are ranked based upon about two hundred factors, most of which are undisclosed. Only some best practices are announced to webmasters and developers but the many deciding factors are kept as a secret to avoid malpractices. Since the algorithms are regularly updated, SEO tactics that once worked may no longer be effective.

Informative and Unique Content

The foremost factor about SEO is making your site really informative and useful to visitors. Today, the internet is treated as the primary source of information. Using clichéd descriptions like innovative, cutting-edge, state-of-the-art etc., will not add to your site’s reputation. Instead, be honest with your target audience and write only facts about your product or service. 

Make sure that the content you put into your site is unique. You may write about topics related to your business in your blog section and provide news and current affairs in your sector. Never, ever copy content from elsewhere and repost in your site. Duplicate or plagiarised content is frowned upon by all search engines.Unique content always gets the highest priority while search engines rank websites. So, if you are serious about SEO, provide as much relevant information and specifications of your products or services. 

Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Social media is the best channel for engaging with your customers, both prospective and existing. It is the online equivalent of the always powerful “word of mouth” marketing. Schedule regular tweets on Twitter and announce your offers and special deals through Facebook posts. Do not be discouraged if your social media posts do not get enough likes and shares initially. The shares can grow exponentially over time and once they do, there is no looking back. 

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