12 Feb 2014 | By James

Topics: SEO TRENDS OF 2014

The year 2013 was an important year for SEO business. It has been estimated that currently, 22% of the world’s total population own smartphones. This phenomenal growth among smartphones users all over the world has created havoc in many segments of the online business, where website owners realised a simple truth that their websites had to be compatible with mobiles or smartphones.

Otherwise, they would lose a considerable portion of business among people who used smartphones to surf the internet. Google has also made a few changes in its algorithm and a seasoned web expert would mention that if you want to enjoy a successful online business, you would need to adapt your website to the current changes and follow the best SEO practices to keep your website optimised.

The emergence of superior online content in websites

Google’s Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates have changed our perception regarding online web content. In order to give its users more enhanced searching experience, Google is paying great attention to superior online content in websites and videos which enjoy good quality. Early SEO techniques like linking and using multiple keywords in your website are no longer relevant. In fact, after its various updates, Google is penalising websites that have stuffed their websites with keywords and used links to achieve top rankings in their search engine page rankings. The current trend now is to use specific keywords or phrases which are related to nature. This would also help your website to enjoy a better ranking in various search engine page results and your website would thus enjoy a better online traffic on a daily basis.

Flexibility in website designing

The power of a Smartphone user in the online world cannot be ignored now. More and more websites are being developed which are compatible with various smartphones available today. Thus web-designing experts from North London like their global counterparts in New York or Singapore are developing websites which give the users' website designs which enjoy superior quality and easy navigation features. This helps these smartphones users quickly find the things they want on the website and the enhanced user experience makes them come came to their favourite websites many times more. As a website owner you would want your customer to be more and more engaged in your website and the more time he spends on your website, the chances of enjoying a  sales closure is much higher. Your brand value would also get enhanced in the long run, due to this.

The growth of strong partnership between SEO and Social Media

Competition is very tough in the online world and it has become essential for every business owner that they should understand their customer better. The tools of social media like Google+, Facebook and Twitter have attracted people towards them in millions. A successful website designing company would ask its website designers when developing a website to integrate these social media tools in them.  Then with the support of their SEO expert’s website owners would devise online marketing strategies in these social media tools which would help the companies of these websites understand the pulse of their customers and develop their company’s products which are tuned to the needs of their customer. Continuous engagements with their customer’s thru social media tools would help them yield more benefits for their business in the long run.

SEO in 2014 would continue to evolve rapidly giving birth to new techniques and updating old SEO methods with new elements. But a website owner in order to remain ahead in competition has to concentrate on improving its online web content and understand the needs of its customer. These twin insights would catapult them to levels of success that they have never tasted before.

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