How not to annoy your E-Commerce Website Visitors?

07 Mar 2014 | By James

Topics: Avoiding Annoyance of E-commerce Website Visitors

While analysing your website online traffic with Google analytics on a daily basis, you wonder what would be your business growth percentage, if all your online visitors could be converted into your permanent customers. But an e-commerce expert would help you to understand that an average website conversion rate for an e-com website is 3% only. This percentage varies from domain to domain. For example, the average conversion rate for a financial service website is 10% and for educational services is 8% only.

But many website experts are of the opinion that your website might have the presence of a few elements which could annoy your online visitors when they log into your website and you unknowingly are losing out on considerable online business. Here it becomes essential that you use the services of an e-com designing company based in London or from any location around the world, identify the problem areas and quickly remove them from your website immediately. For your convenience, we have identified a few common ones and make you aware of them.

Web Pages in your website take very long to load

In the age of updated technology, you are killing your chances of enjoying good online sales, if your web pages take more than 15 seconds to load. Here the website design specialist can check what are the reasons behind your web pages being slowly refreshed and immediately offer you solutions in this regard. A very common error here is that your web page might have heavy video or online ads which cause the web page to take time and when loading it. Your online visitor has a few seconds to decide whether it would engage in an online transaction or not with your e-com website. You are thus making things difficult for him and you are testing his patience, as he waits for your web pages to be loaded on your website. Various website development technologies are available today and you can use it to develop a web page which can be refreshed in ten seconds and help you to enjoy a sales closure immediately.

Use accurate product data in your website

When online visitor logs into your website, he is looking for specific product and various data associated with it. Thus your product description should be crisp, contain the basic details and also additional data which would help him to decide whether he would invest in the product or not. Here you should also maintain accurate inventory details and specify clearly the price of the product. Inconsistent data in these areas would make them lose trust on you and you would have a good customer walking into your competition website and closing sales there.

Posting customer reviews

You might be sensitive regarding posting customer feedback on your website. But this decision could make you lose considerable online business. You must understand that your customer is very well informed and conscious about the product and your website services before he finally places an order in it. When he reads customer feedback on your website, you are actually helping him to make the decision to close the deal in your website. This would also indicate that you give customer opinion significant importance too. Thus connect with your customers, engage and post feedback from them on your website.

In the end, create a simple check out process for the customer is mandatory. If the process is complicated he might just hang up and not make the sales closure which is so important for your sales team. The basic golden rule here is not annoying your customers but treat them well and they would make your e-com website an overnight success in no time.

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