How to get Acquainted with the 2014 Latest Trends in Web Development?

23 Jan 2014 | By James

Topics: Latest Trends in Web Development in 2014

It has been estimated that there are over seven billion people staying on our planet. Around 2.4 billion people use the internet on a regular basis. This simple data emphasises the importance of having a positive online presence for each and every website owner, no matter whatever might be the objectives of the website owner.

Thus, experts in the field of Web designing have to constantly update themselves with new trends in their area and this would help them to stay ahead of an extra step from their competition. Like any new year, 2014 has its share of new trends which are visible in the sphere of web development. Some of these major trends are described below.

The Growing Popularity of Flat Design

The minimalist approach to website designing was a major trend last year. This same trend has now been interpreted into a concept which is known as flat design by web designers all over the world. The age of Flash technology and too much clutter has come to an end and this has been replaced by clean, simple and modern flat design’s  which conveniently conveys the objectives of the website owner to its targeted online customers. The aim of web designing experts is to use fewer clusters in their website, make use of white space and give the user of the website an enhanced viewing experience. This experience helps him to take a better decision when deciding to invest in a product from your website.

Greater usage of better quality images in various areas of website development

The impact of an appropriate image is more powerful that a few lines written on a website. It has been proved that an accurate image can say a thousand words to an online surfer and the surfer immediately connects with it. In 2014 web developers from Enfield like their global counterparts would implement high-quality images in their website development and this would help their client’s website to easily connect with their online visitors. These website development experts also have to maintain affordable pricing, faster loading speed for the web pages for their client’s website. Once these factors have been taken care of the absence of heavy online traffic for a website, it would be a thing of the past. The beautiful clarified images used in a new website would attract visitors by thousands into it and the sales team would be very happy with its sales conversion.

The steady growth of videos over text in website development

If you clearly analyse various popular websites over the years, you would notice a very visible new trend in them. This trend is the use of videos in a website to communicate with their targeted online customers. Most website owners have realised that time is a major constraint and they have to communicate with their prospective customers immediately. They thus use videos to demonstrate products, convey various online campaigns to directly engage with their online customers. Such powerful connection would not be enabled by a few text lines. In the new websites developed in 2014, there is a trend to use a video on the landing page and capture the attention of the online visitor to the website immediately. Otherwise, he might lose interest and move to your competitions website’s and make the sales closure which was yours.

All these new trends in web development indicate that the customer is still the king and various new ways are being developed to attract his attention and help him make a good decision to invest in your company’s website products. In case you are planning to own a website, it would be a wise idea to use one of the above trends in web development and enjoy an early online success.

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