16 Dec 2015 | By RSK

Topics: Increasing returning visitors

It’s a crucial thing to have a good website when you have a business. Websites are considered a professional thing to have. Whether you already have a successful business or you are just starting out a website will improve the amount of clients you get by majorly, however it’s not a one of thing your website should have the ability to keep your customers coming back in this article we will talk about who you can reassure to get your clients coming back.

  1. First impressions

When a customer views your website you need to make sure it looks good, first impressions are important because it’s the main thing that will determine if your customer returns. The first thing that hits your customers when they view your website is the colour and the layout. Lots of pages and pages of writing is probably going to do the opposite of increasing your returning customers. So try not to make your website boring, add bright colours and pictures as well as making sure you include the crucial information your customers are going to need to know.

  1. Keep it updated

You need to add new things to your website. Change the layout or pictures or maybe just the colours every now and then; there’s always room for improvement. If you don’t change it in any way every often what’s the point of your customer coming back if they’ve already seen it all? Keep updating your new blogs and articles consistently. Giving them some new to read will reel them and give them a purpose of returning to your site.

  1. Social media

A large majority of businesses use social media websites to increase customers and increase the number of those customers that return to their website. Two of the biggest social networking sites are Twitter and Facebook. Creating a fan page on these sites is simple. Your fan page can be used to post links that will lead directly to your website. You can also post information to keep you clients updated. These fan pages really do make a huge difference which is why so many major brands have a page dedicated to connecting with their clients.

  1. Where are your visitors coming from?

One of the things that will really help you gain returning visitors is understanding your customers and knowing where they are coming from. One of the ways you can do this is by using google analytics. Google analytics helps you by showing how your customers found your website and what links they used as well. Understanding where your customers are coming from will make a huge impact as you can know which marketing strategies are working best for you.

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