23 Dec 2014 | By Jane

Topics: Effective Facebook Campaign

If you are thinking about promoting your business through social networks, first you have to gather knowledge about the endless opportunities it can offer you. Then you should pick the best opportunity that will go in line with your business. Just spending a lot of money on campaigns won’t get you the best leads. Even with a limited budget, you can get a handful of potential customers if you are following the right procedures.

Just like you wouldn’t air a radio ad on TV, you shouldn’t promote business in Facebook like how you do on television or magazines. Here you will discover some simple and creative tips to make your Facebook marketing campaign more effective and fruitful.

Come out of the aggressive tone

90% of the people logging on Facebook is to build a friend network and to have a fun time. If you are showing the real marketing face to those people, you wouldn’t last long in such an environment. So it is better to take part in communities and groups where you can mingle with the public and then introduce your services proving that it will help them out. The trust factor is the prime thing you can build up from such an environment. Don’t forget that it is not just these people who would be knowing about your service, word of mouth can bring it to a much wider audience group.

Have a goal in mind

You should be having a clear goal in mind about what you actually want from facebook marketing. For example, if you have a restaurant and you need to increase the sale by 20% in next three months. You can prepare a strategy similar to the one below:

  1. Publish daily posts detailing each day’s special recipe and you may even offer some deals or coupons.
  2. Post pictures of the chefs, the infrastructure or even some customers hanging along with the employees.
  3. Request customers to share their own pictures enjoying food at your restaurant.

Having a well-defined goal can help you to pave the right path for marketing and to track the goal.

Post pattern

Make sure that all the posts you have been doing are non-commercial. If should be in a manner that communicates with people. Also do the updates regularly, never miss out any chance to be a part of follower’s timeline. Write posts which could attract people into it. Include smileys, images and videos along with the text content. Images and videos will always catch more attention than the text content.

Maintain your relationship

It may take some time to get potential followers in facebook. After getting their contact, make sure that you are maintaining the relationship in the best manner. Always do sincere engagement in communities, groups and even in personal messages.

Track the performance

If you have followed the right method of promotion, it is sure that you will be benefited from the effort. track the followers, leads and all other reporting metrics from facebook insights. It can help you to understand your present stand and you can decide on which area needs more improvement.

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