How to prepare an impressive business proposal for your client?

27 Sep 2017 | By Jish

Topics: Tips to preparing an impressive business proposal

A business proposal or a Sales Proposal is often your first chance to win a prospective client. Whether it is in the form of a word document or presentation, it has to be impressive and paint such a compelling picture in the mind of a customer/client that they can’t wait to give their work to someone else.

If you want your business proposals, quotes, or contracts to stand out and give you the best chance at winning new clients, there are certain things that need to be followed.

Creating a winning business proposal involves using the best business proposal templates that stands out when your potential client is looking at your proposal and the proposals of your competitors.

To help you create an outstanding business proposal, here we have put together some of the vital aspects of writing. Before starting out to prepare one, ensure you find out what to put under the 3 most important Ps (the problem, proposed solution and pricing). Keep these things in mind as you write.

Step 1 - Do Some Research

Research extensively because not all prospective clients provide explicit details concerning their wants, needs and expectations. Study the requirements of your client. Understand them and make sure you propose a methodology that is able to solve their true problem.

Step 2 - Put yourself in the shoes of a customer

The goal of any proposal is to address the specific customer requirements and pain points. So think from their side and structure the proposal in the best way that answers the customer's implicit questions. Persuade them that you know the questions and have the answers through your proposal. To do this, ensure that your proposal and every section in the proposal addresses five questions Who, What, How, When and What.

  • Who–will do this?
  • What–needs to be done?
  • How–will you do it?
  • When–will all the milestones occur?
  • So What – will the customer benefit by having you do it?

Step 3- Understand and analyse the needs

Once you have clearly outlined the needs of your potential new client, start developing a methodology to reach these goals. In order to make sure that your methodology is practical and well-rounded, start by analysing the benefits, costs, resources involved and time needed to implement your solution.

Step 4- Create a Simple and Easily Readable proposal

Your proposal should be easily readable and information should be easy to find. Use indexing and linking within the proposal. Use headings for your sections and labels for your diagrams to draw attention. It is important that every section by itself has the context and the references to other sections that might be relevant. Don't make your customer work too hard or spend a lot of time puzzling his way through your proposal.

Step 5- Format a Structure and Style the Proposal

Include all the essential details needed in a business proposal. You can structure it in the following way:

  1. Introduction
  2. Executive summary
  3. Your Company Requirements
  4. Our Approach
    1. Our company
    2. Our Solution
  5. Key product/ Service Offered
  6. Service level Agreement
  7.  Project Delivery Time lines
  8.  Action Plan
  9.  Pricing and Terms
    1. Prices
    2. Terms
  10.  Contact Information
    1. Account Details
  11. Additional Information.
  12. Conclusion

Step 6- Review the Proposal

Just because you have some great content ready, it may not attract your prospective client. Make it visually attractive–sometimes a picture does speak a thousand words. Give a day or two to proofread and review the proposal. Spelling and grammar are very important as you don't want to be someone who does not care about the details enough.


The first impression is everything in hunting and winning business. Use your proposal to stand out in the crowd and make a lasting impact. You should also add testimonials and past projects similar to the one your client has. Case studies of how you have helped similar clients is very helpful too.

You can use this formula as a checklist, but also as an inspiration for writing your business proposal. With these indispensable tips, you will definitely create a winning business proposal.

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