Is SEO Necessary for a Business to Market Online?

22 Nov 2016 | By Jisha

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Many critics say that SEO is dead by 2016. Many controversial discussions are running around this topic to state whether SEO is actually needed for a business to market online? But we need to clearly understand whether it is a myth or a reality?

Old SEO Practices vs New SEO Practices

The old practices of SEO are dead and are born again as a new system with new practices. If the old practices of SEO were meant, keyword stuffing in a bad quality content (Which is written only with the intension of stuffing keywords and do not have the necessary information for a visitor), spamming and buying large numbers of backlinks.

The new practices of SEO are done with great care and putting in lots of sincere efforts. If earlier Google was manipulated by websites, lately it was changed with a shift in the algorithm. For some years now, Google has been updating its algorithms hundreds of times every year. With the Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird updates, “Google has managed to get rid of many artificial page rankings and keyword stuffing.” Google is now stricter over websites that want to rank high or be found with the typed-in keywords. What are the things that have changed with these updates? Let’s check!

The new algorithm has improved the search rankings with high-quality websites on top. The latest updates have “made high-quality content vital, urging relevant context and semantics within the content.” Does this mean SEO is less important than content? No, not at all. Both are equally important along with other things!

Effective SEO Strategies in the New Google Age

Now getting ranked in search engine results requires solid SEO practices. These practices will make sure that your brand is being found organically. The industry is still considered an important piece to the way that Google will evaluate and rank a website. So what should be remembered is that you must not only create valuable content, but it should keep up the high-quality and be published with solid SEO practices.

Here are some quick guidelines for some effective new age SEO practices:

  • Keyword placements:

The use of more visitor friendly long-tail keywords and consistently displaying them throughout the content, title tags, images and description will help you compete with larger brands by ranking in google for more specific searches.

  • On-page Optimisation:

Google doesn’t give much importance to Meta tags, but Meta description is still considered very effective. Your Meta description should be limited with-in 150 characters to provide information that searchers might find valuable and which encourage them to click your site.

Although, while writing Meta description including keywords is less effective, leaving it blank is also a bad idea. This is what Google will display as a snippet along with the results of a search term. Use meta-description as an opportunity to draw someone in, as it is the first visible content to a visitor and tell them what you have on offer. So you’ll have to find a way out to get them click on your website link.

Your Title Tags is another important thing to consider. This acts as a determining factor for a visitor to click on your link. You have very limited space (about 70 characters) to write your title tags, so use it wisely. Take care that the titles are not misleading. Even if your titles are attracting, once they find your content isn’t what they were looking for, it is a reason for them to immediately leave your page. So provide relevant information that will help them remain in the page. Disappointing your visitors will increase bounce rates, and Google will penalise you if bounce rates move into a dangerous level. Having minimum bounce rates is one of the important metrics search engines use to rank the websites.

  • More Webpages with Quality:

Google considers a website with many quality web pages. In an attempt to increase quantity or the number of web pages, you must not compromise on the quality of content and design of every page. All the factors necessary for a web page should be included in all the pages.

  • Image Optimisation Plays Vital Role:

A website with visuals can be appealing to visitors. While uploading an image, Google suggests you use descriptive titles and captions along with a keyword can also be useful. The use of unique images rather than a stock photo will have more chances to be seen in search results.

  • XML Site Map:

An XML sitemap is not only important for SEO but also for a good user experience. Sitemaps enable nonstop communication with search engines. Sitemaps exchange information with search engines on what the website contains in terms of content. This will help website visitors to get quick information in the process of web crawling.

  • Mobile-friendly Websites rank more Better

According to Google, people on average check their phones more than 150 times a day. This happened after the invention of smartphones. People use mobile phones than computers as it is handy with easy access to the internet. If your potential customer uses a mobile phone to browse and finds your site is not easy to use, they’re five times more likely to leave. To avoid losing out in these crucial moments, you need a site that loads quickly and is easy to use on mobile screens.

  • Voice Search Options for Future:

As time progresses, the need to bring in real speech patterns in searches will come with users more on mobile. So the future searches must be ready to recognise these voice patterns in the websites and must incorporate the real speech patterns into the keywords such as long and short tail keywords. This option will allow those who search by their voice to search on phrases that are spoken and receive accurate results. For example, when typing in a search, people may use the search phrase best Italian restaurant London”. If they are using a voice search on a mobile device, they would speak something that is more along the lines of “London’s best Italian Restaurant”. Though it makes a slight difference, it will affect the way that the search engines display results.

When combined with all the above-stated features, SEO is essential to provide a smooth user experience for your website and thus enable an effective online marketing. Good SEO practices allow users to find, access and absorb higher quality content much easier. This means SEO is not dead but exist in a stronger way that your businesses need them.

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