22 Apr 2015 | By Lekha


To put an end to our waiting, Google has officially announced Mobile-Friendly Algorithm (referred as a mobile add-on) update as of yesterday – 21st April 2015. It is expected that a substantial percentage of mobile search queries will be affected as a result of this update. People have ultimately evolved their browsing nature from computers/laptops to smartphones which made Google think about providing the most relevant and timely results at their fingertips.

There were signs leading up to this change from Google and so we are ready with our guards up to face the update. This was the first time in history that Google has given us a heads up in advance before the change.

Google has already quoted it in this blog:

“We will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact on our search results.”

We could say that this is a historical revolution to Google search results which has given us more prominence for searching using a particular interface (device). Even though Google has announced it lately, the signs were already there from last year. The agencies that reacted to this won’t need to suffer, but the others could possibly lose their customers to the hands of their competitors in no time at all.

Am I in trouble?

It seems that this update won’t affect the search queries in desktop and tablets but only in smartphones. As smartphones have relatively smaller display searches and often work on slower networks, a site specifically optimised to mobile will only survive. In addition, the news section, image search, local business listings will not be impacted by this update. Google has confirmed that only mobile search listings or “10 blue links” will be affected by this update. Google’s Garry Illyes has confirmed this on Twitter:


As mobile friendly is becoming an important ranking signal, you should make it a strict policy to optimise your website as mobile friendly. You can use this mobile-friendly test to check how much compatible your website is.

To let you know about the effect of this update in detail, we will need some time to analyse the changes live in action. Make sure to call us on 020 8363 4905 to see how we can make your site mobile friendly so it does not affect your ranking.



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