04 Sep 2014 | By James

Topics: Web Design Trends

New updates in web design trends will come out every month. What are the features of a successful website that make these days? Here is a list of what you have always on your site.

1. Flat User Interface

The combination of interactive design involves in a flat user interface. Light colours are mainly used in flat user interface design. Flat UI is here in the same position and it keeps developing. It will remain in the top position of the web design trends for several years. Successful businesses like Apple and Microsoft are still using it, they cannot afford to ignore it.

2. Card Design

Pinterest is the best example for card design website and most of the web designers are inspired by these types of websites. Creation of title like elements is led to these type of websites. They are very interactive with visitors and easy to pin, share, comment or engage in other ways.ways.

3. Video Content

Video creation is not an expensive and difficult one. Videos can help to spread your business, products and services to the wide area. The video have a fast and exciting way to get the message can be transmitted and it is more effective. Most of the web designers successfully used video promotion.

4. Storytelling

websites are mainly created with images and text, if you tell your own story in a more interesting way, then you have the chance to get more readers and visitors on your site.

5. Personal UX

Every major website including Netflix and YouTube are using this strategy. To create custom content, you should use cookies. This method can help to provide fresh and relevant content and get more returning visitors than presenting the same content.

6. Mobile Design

The present internet era, most people accessing the web through mobiles, smart phones and touch pads. Businesses those who have without a mobile friendly website, it's very inconceivable to the visitors. Mobile-friendly websites must be designed mainly for the small screen, allowing easy navigation in large tactile buttons, and displays only the necessary information and the contents of the user’s needs.

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