13 Jul 2016 | By Roys

Topics: Android 7.0 Nougat

The final release of the latest Android version is due in a few weeks. Version 7.0 Nougat has been eagerly awaited by mobile app developers around the world, as it opens doors to a lot of possibilities in mobile computing.This article is about a break through feature of the OS.

The official public release of the latest stable version of the world’s most popular mobile operating system from the word’s most admired tech company is due in a couple of weeks, or so. Yes, we are talking about Android Version 7.0 Nougat, the 14th version of Google’s operating system for mobile devices. Mobile app developers from around the world are all eagerly waiting for this significant OS release as, from a developer’s point of view, it opens doors to a lot of possibilities in the arena of mobile computing.

Multi-tasking Comes to the Mobile Screen

From the user’s perspective, the most awaited feature is the split screen functionality, allowing two applications to run in the foreground simultaneously, side by side. This unlocks multi-tasking, the inability of which was the great disadvantage associated with mobile computing, as opposed to desktops and laptops. The coming of multi-tasking adds a lot to productivity for those who rely heavily on mobile devices for work. Business travellers use tablets more often than their laptops and a good percentage only use tablets on the go. The ability to place two windows side by side or running two applications in the split two halves of the screen was a feature that professionals like stock brokers were anticipating for a long time.

“Though die-hard android mobile application developers had previewed multitasking in action through developer previews, they did not actually expect it yet. It comes as a pleasant surprise”.

It is not very uncommon that features contained in developer previews being dropped from the final stable release. And leading android application developers had earlier predicted unanimously that it would take even advanced API levels to achieve multi-tasking. Yet, with API level 24, Google has successfully pulled it out. No wonder it comes as a pleasant surprise to the developer commune and even for them, this is definitely the most break through feature of Android 7.0.

Behind the Name Nougat

For the first time in its history, Google had asked users to suggest a name for its OS release. Google loyalists could suggest and vote for names of sweet food items starting with N, through website. It is a practice at Google to codename its Android stable releases with names of sweets and confectioneries. Before voting was closed, Nougat was the most suggested name, leading way ahead of other close contenders such as Nutella and Neapolitan Ice Cream.Nougat is the French name of a brittle confectionery originated in southern Europe, made from sugar or honey, egg white and nuts.

Google had even planted an Easter egg designed around it, in the fourth developer preview. The “N” insignia had an emblazoned “Namey McNameface”, a reference to another name suggestion drive that went off-centre. Earlier this year, the Natural Environment Research Council had asked the general public to suggest a name for its latest research ship, through a similar online campaign. The outcome was “Boaty McBoatface”, a name first suggested by James Hand, the famous radio presenter of BBC Radio Jersey, Channel Islands. The funny name quickly became viral and was voted most. A similar funny twist was expected this time around too, but luckily, we will get to call Android 7.0, Nougat.

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