Top 5 Reasons Why your Website Needs to Go Responsive?

17 Aug 2017 | By Jish

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More often, you may have come across the term “Responsive”, if you have had a chance to work with a web development company or have plans to own a website for your business.

Despite of the fact, that Responsive is related to web design and a website’s adaptability to reformat itself to the device it is being viewed, why is it so important? This blog might help you to shed some light into this question.

A website that is made responsive can be viewed on all devices such as mobiles, tablets, games consoles, TVs and desktop computers. This adaptability is so important because you can never be 100% sure which devices or screen sizes users will use to browse your website.

Statistics show that today more than 90% of the UK adults own a mobile device, and about three-quarters of all internet activity takes place on mobiles. Is your website made responsive and optimised for mobile to meet the changes?

Here are top five reasons why you should choose to go responsive:

  1. Rising Mobile Usage

With the rise in the usage of affordable smartphones and tablet devices, the number of people who are spending their time on the internet has increased. Creating a website that does not cater for mobile and tablet users mean that you are ignoring a significant proportion of people who will be searching for you. If you are not providing a wonderful mobile experience for them, they will leave you for someone who provides it.

  1. More Business Return

According to some of the recent statistical reports, 67% of the mobile users are more likely to buy from a mobile friendly website. When users try to interact with non-responsive websites, it is going to badly affect the business it deals with. Most of the users feel frustrated and annoyed when they get to a site that’s not mobile-friendly. So, if your website offers an excellent mobile experience, users will be more likely to convert into customers.

  1. Getting New Customers

If you’re looking to improve your business, you’ll need new customers. Most of the customers today come to your website either through online searches or through social media from a mobile. If a new prospective customer lands on your current website through the above mentioned search possibilities, they’ll naturally expect you to have considered their experience when viewing your website on their mobile device. They may be used with easy browsing options provided by other websites and expect your business to offer the same level of experience. If you’re putting them off by presenting them with a poor experience on their device, you’ll likely lose the business and the new customers.

  1. Go Responsive Across Major Devices

The term ‘mobile devices’ are most commonly associated with smartphones. But, when it comes to the market share of a single size screen device, it does not hold more than 20%. On average, one person uses about 3-5 different devices to consume digital content, which highlights the need to have a responsive website that is able to adjust to all screens and devices. In fact, it’s essential to ensure your site is equally optimised across all devices such as smartphones, tablets, desktops and other possible displays, if you are looking to maximise profit.

  1. Google Favours Responsive Sites

If you’re looking to rank your website in Google, preferably, you’ll have to look for what this search giant favours. Google gives more preference to websites who are responsive than who are not while displaying search results. Because, Google looks for user satisfaction and therefore, you’ll have to do the same for your users. If your website is not responsive, it’s less likely to be found when people search using a mobile phone or other mobile devices. Less traffic to your website means, less opportunity to sell your products or services.


Since you are living in a digital era, it truly is a business necessity to allow visitors on mobile devices to consume your website comfortably. They’ll expect it and will think negatively of your business, if you do not cater to their needs.  

If you want to get started on creating a bespoke responsive site for your business, give a call on 020 8363 4905 or use the contact form.

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