Top 8 Free Online Tools to Check If your Website is Responsive?

29 Aug 2017 | By Jish

Have you checked your website's responsiveness with different devices- mobile or non-mobile? If you haven't , here we have picked up top 8 free online tools that are easy to use with one click.

Even if you haven’t made your website responsive, you could simply make a check on these tools to see how your website appears on these different device sizes.  So that sooner or later, these tools will be useful when you make your website responsive.

  1. Screenfly

Screenfly from Quirktools lets you test how your website appears on a variety of resolutions and devices from your desktop, laptop and tablet to your smartphones. To use, simply type the URL of your website or any website and then choose the device from the left hand menu.

The list includes computers (9 different resolutions), tablets (Samsung, iPad, Motorola and more), mobile devices (Blackberry, iOS, Android) and even three different resolutions of television. You can enable or disable scrolling and even rotate the display from landscape to portrait.

It is one of the best tools for testing a website without actually going to different devices. Take a look at this.

  1. Responsinator

Sometimes, when you need to show off someone what it looks like a responsive web design, Responsinator is probably the easiest way to get a quick look at your layout on the popular device widths.

It’s fast, simple and provides the best experience that is quickly delivered. This site communicates the concept of responsive design so well is that it utilises silhouettes of popular devices, within which your website will be displayed.

All you have to do is, type in the URL of a website that you’d like to test. It doesn’t have to be a site that you own, so this also serves as a great way to investigate what other designers have done.

  1. Google Design- Resizer

Google Resizer is an interactive viewer that helps designers test material design breakpoints across desktop, mobile, and tablet.

With Resizer you can input a custom URL, or preview selected websites and demos. Using the action icons, you can view a site across Material Design breakpoints for desktop and mobile.

Resizer helps designers and developers visualize which patterns will work best for them. To showcase some of these patterns, check the demo.

  1. Am I Responsive

Am I Responsive is not a tool for testing, instead, this is a tool for quick screenshots and to visually allow people to “get” what you mean by a responsive design to clients or others. So that it is really important that you do the test on real devices.

This tool allows you to get a screenshot of your website on different devices quickly, and can be helpful in visually showing your customers what it means by responsive design when a suite of products isn't at the ready. All you have to do is, simply type in your website’s URL and click “go”.

  1. Website Responsive Test

The Website Responsive Test Tool will let you freely test your website’s responsiveness across multiple devices with different screen sizes instantly in just simple steps.

What you’ve to do is simply enter complete URL of your web page and press ‘ENTER’ or click ‘GO’ to check how your website is visible on multiple devices.

This tool comprises a broad range of dimensions to help you view the web page on your elected screen resolution device whether iPhone, iPad, tablet, desktop or laptop.

  1. Cross Browser Testing

Cross Browser Testing lets you safely and easily test cross browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, IE, and more, locally and remotely. With automated testing enabled, the cross browser testing gives you a no-hassle, no-maintenance testing grid in the cloud.

This tool will help you to easily run your automated tests against real iOS, Androids, & other desktop browsers, ensuring you're testing real user scenarios accurately. With Cross Browser Testing, you can run multiple tests on multiple devices at one time and take multiple screenshots at one time.

All you need to do is enter your URL, select different devices, operating systems, and browsers and click run. It's that simple.

  1. ResponsivePX

The process involved in Responsivepx Tool allows you to enter the URL of your site and to use the controls to adjust the width and height of your viewport to find the exact breakpoint width in pixels. This tool is extremely simple to use and has enhanced functionality. This web design tool helps designers create usable and responsive sites.

  1. Responsive Design Checker

With Responsivedesign Checker tool, you can test how responsive your website design is. Check if your website fits and adapts to mobile, tablet, and desktop screen sizes. This tool is simple and allows you to check only the basic device size adaptability.

Got a Bad Design? Then get one responsive design!

If your website is unable to produce optimal results due to bad design, then plan to turn it into responsive web design, so that the produced results are beyond the expectation.

Which Tool Should You Use?

Many of these responsive design testing tools work pretty much the same way, so picking the right one over another is really just about personal preference. We would recommend you to test with all of them and then choose the one you like most. Additionally, you should also make sure to check whether your website is cross-browser compatible or not?

Do you have any free responsive web design testing tool in mind, that hasn’t been covered above? If yes, do feel free to share it in the comments section below.

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