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06 Feb 2014 | By James

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When you go for a client meeting, you do check yourself in the mirror to ensure that you are well dressed and have taken the necessary steps to create a positive first impression. Have you ever wondered what do your online customers think about your website, when they visit it for the first time? Do they stay in it for a few minutes or immediately type the URL of your competition’s website and make a sales closure there.

A web designing expert would explain that a popular website is not just all about having an attractive website design but it contains various website components which interact and combine to create a positive first impression in the eyes of its first time, online visitors. You should be aware of these basic components of a website which are explained below for your convenience.

Basic Components of a Website

1. Front End Components of a Website

When you log into a website, the first things that you view are its front end elements. The various web pages that you view use various updated technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. The front end of a website also has specific page layout and a navigation menu, which clearly depicts the way the web pages in the website are collected and displayed when you view them. 

Most web pages would also contain your company’s logo and various videos and images that attract the attention of the online customers into your website.  These above elements combine to create an effective graphic design for your website which gives your website a professional finesse that most online visitors enjoy when they interact in your website.

2. Online Web Content

The various updates undertaken by Google have increased the relevance of superior online content in a website. If you are looking to increase your online website presence, you would need to assess your current online content quality. In fact, if you have excellent online content and good external links in your website, there are high chances that search engines would rank your websites in their top rated website search page more often than before. Thus more and more website owners like you are paying great attention to use related keywords on their websites and they are supported in this endeavour by the website designers who strategically place them in various web pages in the website.

3. Back-End Components of a Website

Web sites now days are very interactive and give online visitors an enhanced user experience. The visitors in a website are encouraged to comment on things they like about the website and also mention the areas where the website could improve on. These data inputs from the online visitor’s are stored in a comprehensive database which is an important back end component of a website. In fact, many popular websites have their own customer login details and all these details are stored in a powerful database which is connected with the front end elements in a website.

4. Content Management System

An effective CMS would help your website to be updated without having to edit its various HTML and you can also change the web pages regularly. This simple process would help you to hold the attention of your online customers from London or any other part of the world.

Other essential components in your website are your website domain’s name, the type of web hosting service you use and the various security systems used in your website. By understanding these website components, you are now more equipped to understand how you can use your website to achieve your business objectives in the new days of 2014.

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