Why should you opt for a Bespoke Website Design?

25 Dec 2016 | By Jisha

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When talking about a “Bespoke Website Design”, the first thought that comes to mind is an old Cliché “The first impression is the best impression”. Originating from England the adjective word ‘bespoke’ has blended itself with other words to call it a bespoke website, just because one can custom built a website often from scratch and suit to the specific requirements of a business or organisation.

Everything from a layout, database integration and other extra features added according to the client requirements are to form a bespoke or custom made website.  It takes time and effort for a team of skilful designers to a build bespoke website that is comparatively more expensive than websites designed from templates.  Although it is a bit expensive, the end result can be a unique looking website that is more flexible, impressive and generating more visibility in the search engines to more sales.

A well-designed website plays an integral role when starting a new business or trying to grow an existing one. Your company image and branding plays a very decisive role in helping you stand above your competitors. Thus creating an online presence through your website is considered as valuable from a marketing perspective. So creating that very first impression of your business through a bespoke website design is helpful in developing your potential customers, clients or investors.

There are generally two options open to a business while deciding on to have a new website. That is to opt for a bespoke custom website design or use a ready-made template design. There have been strong recommendations for opting for a bespoke website design over template designs. Let us check into the reasons behind the argument to opt for a bespoke website design.

  • High Visibility in Search Engines

Choosing a bespoke web design over template designs can give your website long term effect and therefore the chances are high in getting found by search engines. The longer you remain on search engines the chances are more that people will find you and link to you. These links help in boosting your search engine rankings. Since Custom designed websites are search engine friendly, it will help to pace against your competitors.

  • Adaptable to Print Media and Online Marketing

While template based designs worth only for print media, the bespoke web designs is adaptable to both print and online marketing techniques which help your site to appear on the front pages of search engine results.

  • Continual Professional Support

If you choose a custom designed website instead of a template design, it will offer you ongoing support, dedicated assistance and expertise from professional web developers.

  • High Quality and Uniqueness

A custom designed website assures to give you a high-quality website with a unique appearance. So that you don’t have to worry about having similarity with someone else’s website. The uniqueness combined with high quality will give you individuality to your business in the broad market. Because the design experts create it completely from scratch, coordinating with you every step in the process. Consumers are taken up by the impressions your online websites create, and so driving in potential customers.

  • Functional and Flexible:

Unlike template designed sites, in bespoke websites, everything is created flexibly to your preference. You can flexibly make changes, add new pages or design and edit contents whenever necessary. It will also allow for the integration of e-commerce functionality and a lot simpler and far quicker than amending a template.

  • Consistent with all the web browsers

A custom website is built by the talented, expert web developers who will design the site using the latest HTML & CSS code to W3C standards. Web Designers will also check that your bespoke website functions correctly and consistent within all browsers. Because coding will have the biggest effect on it. The blogs can be designed to mirror your website design to maintain consistency.

  • Reasonable Hosting Fee

Although the initial cost of template websites may be low, the monthly hosting costs keep on escalating.  This would mean that over the course of 18 months you will be paying the same amount for template website just as you may have to pay for a bespoke website that charges a reasonable hosting fee.

Even though you may at first be tempted to use a template web design, when it comes to quality, usability and maintaining a professional image of the company, a bespoke website cannot be out beaten. 

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