Why Web Development with Laravel is Fun?

04 Apr 2017 | By Jish

Topics: Web Development with Laravel

If you ask most of the Web Developers, how do you describe the experience of working in Laravel? Expect an unexpected answer that, “it’s really fun”!

Some developers may say, they haven’t experienced the same power and flexibility without complexity with any other frameworks. Despite giving an energetic feel, Laravel is a serious option for commercial work, especially if you are trying to do something a little out of the ordinary.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a web application framework in PHP with expressive and elegant syntax, for constructing everything from small to enterprise-level applications.

Most of the Web developers believe that development must be an enjoyable, creative experience to be truly fulfilling. As you'll find, Laravel is a joy to use, and just might make you enjoy writing PHP again.

Laravel makes the web development process lot easier with the common tasks used in the web projects, such as authentication, routeing, sessions, and caching.

Features of Laravel to make the Web Development Enjoyable

There are certain things that make Laravel stand out as a PHP Framework. They are:

Simple Methods:

The first thing that will strike any developer about Laravel is how simple it is. The usual experience with any big frameworks is that you end up spending too much time.  One of the outstanding features of Laravel is that it brings the fun back into PHP development. Laravel provides built-in features that are more than enough for you to focus on the more interesting parts of your app, and without having to worry about the boring basics.


Laravel uses its own OR (Object Relational) Mapping tool called Eloquent. It works well while allowing for more advanced features like eager loading. Unless you have a really crazy model, the chances are Eloquent will work well for you. Laravel has Redis support built in. You can also build your own queries with Laravel’s Fluent Query Builder. Laravel come with a handy DB migration tool too. It’s not super-sophisticated, but it is useful when you change your plans.


Laravel has just over 80 “bundles” ranging from a scaffolding tool called Bob to a very simple profiler bundle, which adds the PHP Quick Profiler to your site. Bundles are hardly at the volume of Symfony or Drupal plugins/modules, but its impressive work for a framework that barely existed a year ago. It is far better to have a few well-maintained plugins than a sea of plugins.

Here are a couple more things that you will enjoy in Laravel


Documentation with Laravel is really nice. Laravel API Documentation Generator is a cool package that we can use to automatically generate our API Documentation. Documentation with Laravel is as good as it really is.


Laravel really suits Agile and BDD. It would be lovely if Behat/Mink were included out-the-box in the same way unit testing is. To be fair it’s not hard to get Behat tests up and running alongside Laravel.

If you’re looking for a new, simple, solid, fresh and well-supported PHP framework then Laravel is just that. It’s lightweight enough that it doesn’t get in the way of your planning and development work. But it does still offer plenty of structure and handy built-in features.

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