Why Content Marketing is good for your business?

08 Dec 2017 | By Jish

Topics: Digital marketing

If your company is not doing very well in business, then it is the right time that you give it a serious thought. A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience is the ultimate choice to drive in a profitable customer action. And, this is what Content Marketing- the latest bandwagon can do for you.

Content marketing has revolutionised the way a company is identified online. It can give your intangible brand the feel of an interactive, responsive and socially engaging personality online. Marketing through content is quickly evolving as everything else on the internet.

It was not so long ago everyone was jumping on the “produce keyword-rich content at all cost” trend. Now we’re taking things a little slower, developing longer, more meaningful content via diverse media.

What are the Diverse Media Channels in Content Marketing?

Content delivered through diverse media can help you connect with different customers in a number of ways. Variety of content delivered at different time intervals can help your business to reach and connect with users at different points of the digital sales funnel.

Here’re a list of several content marketing channels you can adapt to market and reach your potential customers.

1. Blog Posts

Blog posts are ideal for building relationships with your readers, which can eventually help with lead nurturing and conversions. Maintaining a consistent blog with frequent, high-quality posts can help in driving significant amounts of traffic to your site.

2. Social media posts

These days, every company holds a number of social media accounts. Through platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram, it is easy to spread messages and to get in contact with your customers. A proper social media strategy is very important in order to react and to interact with customers and other stakeholders.

3. Images

It might be a cliché to say, “A picture is worth thousands of words”. Posting or including some good old or latest photos of your office or factory to your social media and blog posts can paint a beautiful picture in the mind of viewers. In fact, it’ll help you strengthen your message. You can brand your business along with these pictures by including the logo of your company. When people share your post or image, your company is shared along.

4. Videos

Videos are a perfect way to deliver your message. It is far more attractive and entertaining than a simple text and you can easily show viewers what your business or company is all about. Do not stick on one video, keep creating more and share it on your website, social media and blogs.

5. How-to guides

Practical guides that tell people how to do or operate something are very valuable. Not only is it very user-friendly to your visitors, but it will also brand you as an expert in your field. Including clear images and videos in this regard will help you better brand your business.

6. Product reviews

Reviews on your product can help establish authority and leadership in your industry. Every industry has its unique array of products, software, and services. When you engage key developers, manufacturers, or service providers, you gain recognition and respect. All you need to do is share your experience with the product and provide your recommendation.

7. Infographics

Infographics is a popular way of easily spreading your message in a clear and attracting way. You can show readers all relevant figures that you wish to communicate at a glance through infographics and don’t forget to place your company logo within so that viewers know it is yours.

8. Whitepapers

Whitepapers is another way to brand your business. Including clear images and graphs will show your expertise in specific areas. Placing your logo on each pages of the report will give your brand a clear visibility.

There are many more channels to add with these like Webinars, Guides, E-books, E-mails, Case Studies, Podcasts and more. But as a business you don’t need to do all these. Be selective in deciding the best channels right for your business and in delivering it right to your target audience.

Content marketing has made consumers feel more associated with the products they buy and the services they use. Your content must be valuable, relevant, and consistent – but to whom? To your audience!