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Sourcing and recruiting the best candidates, managing their databases, and security obstacles are some of the major formidable challenges for many enterprises in the present marketplace. A smart hiring program that can deliver crucial insights to employers, recruiters, and even applicants to help them make the right recruiting decisions is essential today.

That’s where we come in. At Design Direct we deliver a robust recruitment service that enables enterprises to find the best-fit candidates quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly.

Equipped with bespoke sourcing channels, technology-enabled resume extraction tools, and automated workflows; Design Direct helps organisations to source, track, screen, and interview the right candidates, reducing the conventional hiring-time and enhancing your talent acquisition process.

Unlock the Benefits
Top Tech Talents

We have a huge database of talented and qualified candidates. Comprehensive levels of screening are delivered to shortlist and hire the best-fit candidates.

Vetted Profile

Each applicant has to go through a comprehensive vetting process consisting of three to four interview steps, skill assessments, and reference checks. Our smart automation tools provide seamless integration of such processes.

Improve Quality of Hiring

Our fast screening and recruitment processes ensure that only best-fit candidates are filtered out for our clients. We have a large pool of talents, who are capable of diving directly into the projects without much interventions or guidance.


We supply the best skilled IT experts at low cost offering you an excellent value for money.

What Set Us Apart

As a leading IT service provider, we have proven knowledge in technology which will help us in picking
the right talented and qualified candidates. Our bespoke recruitment automation service helps
enterprises to engage the right talent by giving them interview and skill assessment experience effortlessly and quickly.
If you are not satisfied with the hired candidate after a three-month trial, we guarantee a complete money-back policy.

Our Hiring Process

Design Direct’s remote hiring process acts as a company’s internal recruitment function for single and multiple hiring requirements,
short-term and long-term requirements, and onsite and offsite requirements.


We have enhanced recruiting strategies with industry-specific experience and expertise.
Our team of experts understand the requirements
of clients and build customised hiring strategies.

Multi-level Assessments

Our screening process includes candidate profile verifications and strict background checks. Post screening, 3-4 levels of live interviews and live project tests to evaluate the technical knowledge, communication skills, and behavioral traits of the candidate.

Constant Excellence and Support

We provide excellent candidates befitting our client’s requirements. On-boarding of new hires
is streamlined digitally and a comprehensive
job training is also provided for them.
If the client is unsatisfied with the performance of a candidate within a 3-month trial, we will provide a free replacement.
We place skilled professionals across a range of specialisations

360° Recruitment Service

At Design Direct, we know the process required to maximise our client’s success. Thus we intend to have a flexible arrangement
that best works for you and the candidate. We cover all the aspects of the hiring process to give you the best results.

Direct hiring

Get competitive resources and if not satisfied
in a 3-month trial get a free replacement.

£399 / month
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